The Cast & Characters

Olivier award winning Matthew White [TOP HAT] played Matt Mathews the host of the daytime paternity show 'PAYBACK' and the worst kind of tabloid moralist. He's cynical, smooth and exploitative. He has no doubt though that he is highly superior to the daily fodder of trailer trash that appear on his show.

Sarah Earnshaw [recently the lady of the lake on SPAMALOT] played Sam the shows producer and director. She is good looking, early 30’s and smart. She's also, ballsy, cutting, sharp and super ambitious.

She wants to run the show her way and nothing is going to stop her and that means
Matt Mathews out and a new face in.

Matt though has other ideas and with a long term contract is not planning to go anywhere.

Howard Samuals played Billy Life. former lead singer of the band Wild Life a rock legand of the 90's until he suddenly disappeared after his manager was found shot in his Rio hotel room.

Now, 20 years later, he's back. But is it to face the music or launch a comeback album ?
Either way " He's in the headlines again"

James Yeoburn played Guilherme, an orphan from Rio who is determined to make a better life for himself and hid girlfriend Isabel -whatever it takes.

He'd always wondered who his father was and how he could have been abandoned, but had never really done anything about it. That was until he saw a facebook Ad from PAYBACK which offrered £100,000 to an an orphan that sounded uncannily like him.

Nothing will ever be the same again !

Katie Bernstein

[UK CONCERT TOUR OF RENT] played Isabel. Also was born in the mission and raised by Father Colin. She is strong, loving and shares Guilherme's ambition, but believes God will provide. It's the source of conflict between them !

Adam Flynn plays Joe the warm up man & audience confidant. He’s funny, likeable & not tainted by the cynicism of Matt and Jerry.

He knows what Matt & Jerry are doing, and is ever hopeful that at some point the show will genuinely help someone.

Alan Vicary [recently in the Olivier award winning production of GOODNIGHT MR TOM] played Father Colin, then priest who runs athe Rio orphange in which Guilherme and Isable we're brought up.

He's a changed charachter with a secretive and 'not so' christian past.

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